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will give your home Curb Appeal. Just call us at 1-(617)-446-1382 or fill out Cullins Service online form. Cullins Service will come right over and give you a free Landscape Curb Appeal estimate. Then we will schedule a time to give your property Curb Appeal that is most convenient for you.

 This Client wanted to put his property on the market. But first they wanted to add some curb appeal. When trying to sell your property curb appeal is one of the most cost effective ways to add value to your property. The first thing prospective buyers see when arriving is the yard. Trimming bushes, removing bushes, planting bushes or flowers, edging or mulching Installing Sod for an immediate beautiful lawn are a few ways to make your property more appealing to a home buyer.

 On this property we removed a couple out of control bushes and planted some beautiful Rhododendrons and green wave yews. We used a Toro Dingo to remove the old bushes and an auger bit to dig the holes to plant the new shrubs. After the shrubs were properly in the ground. Yes there is a proper way way to plant shrubs. We edged the bed with our EZ-Trench Bededger then Mulched the beds.

 Now it was time to prep the ground and lay down some sod. We had to remove all vegetation. Some use a vegetation killer, dig it up or till everything and rake it up. We decided using our Turfco Kiscutter sodder was the best and quickest way for us. We then got to try out our new Husqvarna DRT900H tiller. We tilled the area and removed any leftover vegetation and rocks anything that would prevent the grass roots from thriving. Now it was time for the Ford to drop some organic loam compost mix. This will give the grass nutrients and good drainage. Not done prepping yet we graded out the area with our razor back rake grader. Finally before laying down anything we put down some fertilizer and adjusted the Ph. Now we wait for the sod delivery. You have to time everything because you want to lay the sod as soon as it arrives. When the sod arrived we immediately started meticulously laying and cutting. After that we set up a simple watering system and stood back to enjoy the new lawn. Two weeks later we came back for a follow up and saw a beautiful lush green lawn and one happy client. Hope you enjoy our work.