Tree Removal with Tree Spikes Newton, Ma Cullins Service

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will remove your trees. Just call us at 1-(617)-446-1382 or fill out Cullins Service online form. Cullins Service will come right over and give you a free tree removal or tree trimming estimate. Then we will schedule a time to remove your tree that is most convenient for you.

For this tree removal I will be breaking in my new titanium tree spikes from Buckingham -

I'm trying them out on a double pine that is too close to the sidewalk. Of coarse I have on my Teufelberger TreeMotion climbing Harness w/ lanyard Buckingham Rope Grab Length Adjustment Device. I decided to use my Echo CS330T tree saw over my stihl MS 193T tree saw. I will be breaking in my Echo CS 355T Chainsaw soon. This was a fun climb, and the spikes were great. Everything went great the tree came down safely even though I was right next to some power lines. Even though we got rained out the first day we got it the next. Hope you enjoy our work.