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Cullins Service Lawn Installation Seeding Wellesley

Lawn Installation seeding lawn care in Wellesley

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Cullins Service prepping soil before seeding

Cullins Service prepping soil before seeding

 Wellesley lawn care Lawn Installation seeding growing grass.

There is more than one way to install a lawn. For this property we are going to use the seeding method. There is also more than one way to seed here we are using our classen turf seeder.¬† One variable that does not change when installing a lawn is soil prep. One thing I believe about lawn care is “if the soil is good the grass will grow”. Now I know there are other things to take into account like water, sun, shade, weather ect… . But if your soil drains well has the right ph balance, good organic material and is fertilized correctly among other things your grass will be well on it’s way to a healthy life.

Cullins Service grass coming in.

Cullins Service grass coming in.

Some property’s are just plain lucky and their grass will just grow naturally. That is the exception not the rule. To have a beautiful, green, full lawn it takes maintenance. If you want a green velvety blanket of a lawn it will take a scheduled routine maintenance. Mowing, fertilizing, aerating, thatching, watering the right amount. Any way that’s not important right now, but if your interested give us a call ad we would be happy to give you a free estimate.

So we assessed the property and the owner wanted seeding so we removed the old grass, tilled the ground, added organic loam, fertilized, limed, and seeded. That with the right amount of water and some maintenance along the way. We or I mean the client got a great looking lawn. When the project comes out looking good we look good and that makes this work worth it.

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